One to One Pilates

£40 per hour session 

One to one Pilates classes are ideal as a regular or one off session alongside or instead of your group class.

One to one Pilates Classes are also great if you:

  • want to introduce yourself to Pilates before joining a group class
  • are pregnant (2nd & 3rd trimester only)*
  • have recently had a baby (following your final postnatal check) *
  • are recovering from an injury *
  • suffer from back and or joint issues/conditions *

* Please consult with me and also your medical practitioner e.g. Midwife, GP, Chiropractor etc. before undertaking any form of exercise.

If you are receiving treatment for a recent injury or condition, one to one Pilates sessions will enable me to work alongside your physiotherapist/chiropractor etc to ensure your sessions support and compliment your treatment, aiding your rehabilitation.


Following a postural assessment we can discuss what you want  to achieve from your Pilates classes. I can then plan each session to suit your specific needs and ability and together we can work towards achieving your goals.

Your one to one session can take place in one of Kerry’s venues in Poole, Wareham or Wimborne or in your own home.

When booking/attending a group or one to one class, please ensure that you make me aware of all medical conditions or pain, no matter how small or any other conditions that may affect your ability to participate safely in exercise.

Please contact Kerry for more information and to arrange an appointment.